All our causes

Discover all the causes we have carefully selected, and choose the ones that align best with your organization’s goals and values.

restore corals
  • Fight against poverty
  • Provide access to resources
plant tree
  • Ensuring access to better food
  • Preserving food diversity
  • Ensuring the sustainability of systems
plant tree
  • Ensuring access to care
  • Helping the frail
remove plastic ocean
  • Providing access to education
  • Ensuring access to information
  • Ensuring equality
vaccinate child
  • Access to education
  • Reducing gender inequality
  • Access to development activities
offer notebook
  • Ensuring access to clean water
  • Improve water quality
  • Protect and restore water-related ecosystems
offer food
  • Ensuring access to electricity
  • Increasing the share of renewable energy
  • Improve energy efficiency
remove co2
  • Improve resource utilization
  • Reducing gender inequality
  • Defending the rights of individuals
offer meal
  • Establishment of quality infrastructures
  • Focus on innovation
offer diaper
  • Ensuring equal opportunity
  • Helping people in need
  • Promoting inclusion measures
feed dog
  • Help with access to housing
  • Ensuring access to transportation
vaccinate dog
  • Improving consumption patterns
  • Promoting sustainable practices
  • Provide access to information
offer diaper
  • Protecting our ecosystems
  • Raising awareness and educating
  • Fighting against climate change
feed dog
  • Manage and protect marine and coastal ecosystems
  • Fight against pollution
vaccinate dog
  • Ensure the preservation of terrestrial ecosystems
  • Promote sustainable forest management
offer diaper
  • Humanitarian assistance
  • Fight against violence and abuse
feed dog
  • International Assistance
  • Mobilize resources
vaccinate dog
  • Add your own causes
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