Our mission: The Legend of the Colibri

The legend of the colibri began in a forest. One day a raging wildfire engulfed the woodlands, ravaging the trees and terrifying the fleeing animals as they watched their homes burn. Each one of them felt powerless to the destruction except for one little hummingbird (colibri). This colibri decided it would do something. It began gathering water in his beak and flew towards the fire to put them on the flames. The colibri flew back and forth, each time releasing a few more drops. An armadillo saw the colibri battling the flames and shouted: “Colibri, you’re crazy, you’ll never be able to put out the fire all by yourself!” The colibri noticed how hopeless the animals looked and replied: “Maybe not, but I’m doing my part.”

Get involved

Why allcolibri?

Inspired by the legend of the hummingbird, allcolibri was created with the belief that even the smallest contributions can make a big impact. By gathering people around our technology and creating a purpose-driven community, we hope to work all together to make the world a better place.

Our easy to use online solution provide brands, customers and employees with the opportunity to make a meaningful impact. Whether it’s planting trees or cleaning our oceans, users can choose the causes they want to support and share the rewarding experience online! 

Corporate sponsorship

Because more and more companies are getting involved in social and environmental causes, we have created a SaaS solution that helps brands and organizations bring impactful change to the environment and communities in need, with easy access to data and results. More than that, our technology connects companies and non-profit organizations together to generate real impact. 

Our e-solution brings something new to the demand for corporate social responsibility: brands and organizations can now offer their customers and employees the chance to make a tangible impact, for free. An innovative way to create an engaged community that feels empowered and rewarded. 

Our ambition

We want to create a world where organizations can make a positive impact on people and communities. Where customers, employees and leaders can work hand-in-hand to create a more purpose-driven society. By enabling brands to distribute micro-impacts through a simple online solution, allcolibri is creating a growing community of engaged people making fundamental changes for a brighter future. With allcolibri, we can work all together to make the world a better place.

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